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EASB (East Asia Institute of Management)


Since our inception in October 2001, EASB has stayed true to its vision of producing graduates who are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and technological competence, so that they will become immediate value contributors to businesses and society through their ethical professionalism and integrity.

We have strived and turned our vision into reality through our Holistic Education Approach (HEA), offering a wide range of industry-relevant programmes which are taught by well-qualified and Learning & Teaching Certified professionals with deep industry experience. To ensure a total learning experience, EASB engages its students in acquiring knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry and experience-based process. Learning is structured around real-life issues / challenges, carefully designed projects, and targeted learning experiences including a wide range of enrichment programmes and co-curricular activities that cultivate important life skills including Critical Thinking and Leadership. The management, academic teams, student service group and student leaders are fully involved in planning and implementing enriching learning experiences.

EASB also believes in providing our students with a safe and nurturing learning environment. Our fully-equipped campus is undergirded by rich learning resources, made available in collaboration with reputable university partners, industry, regulatory and professional organizations. These include 40 classrooms of various sizes, 3 Lecture Theaters that could accommodate up to 100 students, a 300-seat Auditorium, a Multi-Purpose Hall with sitting capacity of more than 600, a modern Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre, a Library that housed more than 3,000 books and reference books, a Computer Laboratory equipped with 48 computers, a fully equipped Physics Laboratory, a MindSpa Room equipped with recording devices to aid Psychology students in their learning, a Video Conferencing Room, an English Language Laboratory, a 6-bed Clinical Physical Assessment Centre, a 80-computer Learning Centre, a Basketball Court and a well-equipped Fitness Gym.

We are confident that the transnational and employability-centered education you receive at EASB will equip you with the 4Cs of professional success – i.e. to become graduates who are Competent, Confident, Committed and Creative.

Programmes and Courses:
- Certificate in Business English

- Foundation / Certificate Level

- Undergraduate

- Postgraduate

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