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AIS (Auckland Institute of Studies)


Welcome to Auckland Institute of Studies, a unique tertiary institution with a distinctive international focus. Since its inception, this developing institute has attracted students and staff from countries around the world and has now forged a number of close relationships with leading educational institutions internationally. This network has advantages for both our international and New Zealand students.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students experience expert personalised education. The learning of each student is guided by qualified and committed staff who see their primary role as mentors in helping students achieve success.

We have created learning pathways and support strategies to cater for the different skills and abilities of individual students, maximising their opportunities to achieve their goals.

On each campus we ensure that a friendly, nurturing environment balances and supports our rigorous and demanding academic programmes. We utilise a variety of monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the quality of our programmes is maintained at the highest international standards. Earning an AIS academic credential is a qualification for life, and requires each student to demonstrate a high level of personal commitment and integrity.

Studying at AIS is a uniquely rewarding experience. We have broad list of degree accreditation:

> Bachelor of International Business
> Bachelor of Tourism Management
> Graduate Diploma in Commerce
> Bachelor of Arts (Language and Culture)
> Graduate Diploma in International Business
> Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management
> Bachelor of Information Technology
> Bachelor of Hospitality Management
> Master of Business Administration
> Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
> Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration
> Master of Business Administration

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